Farmers Feed and Supply

10 W Chestnut St.
Sisseton, SD
(just a half block west of Main Street.)

Ron Moen
- Manager
Brandon Steiner- Assistant Store Manager
Karyn Moen- Assistant



We supply:  
  • Tack (bits, reigns, stirrups)     
  • Saddles
  • Saddle Pads
  • Cinches
  • Roping equipment
  • Chaps
  • Grooming products
  • Tags
  • Vaccines
  • Animal health supplies 

Cattle Handling Equipment (rentals)  

Portable Tub and Alley System

The Stur-D portable tub and alley system has set the standard for excellence for over twenty years. The total alley length is 20 ft. and the tub diameter has an outside radius of approximately 9ft. The tub and the adjustable alley side have a full length, extra wide catwalk for operator safety and convenience. The stationary side, or operator side, comes standard with a drop open panel for vaccination access. The squeeze chute has a heavy duty diamond plate floor extending into the palpation area with a swing out tail gate that locks open for pregnancy testing or A.I. work. The squeeze chute model has a total alley length of 20 ft. which includes the chute and automatic headgate. The squeeze chute model is also designed to accommodate a Tru-Test aluminum scale platform, making this the most user friendly portable tub and alley system on the market. The Stur-D tub has a rolling door between tub and alley, and side wind lift jacks for easy wheel and tire removal.


Wilson Portable Corral

* Capable of Holding 60 cow/calf pairs.

* Man/Cattle four foot gate added in the first panels.

* A cheater bar has been added to turn the back wheels.  The bar is inserted in a socket at the bottom of the rear axle.  Wheel can now be turned with one hand even in mud or sand.

* Chain on back gate of the cage can now be hooked without putting an arm through the gate.

* Light weight solid 13" tires. 

* All caster wheels are solid and do not go flat

* First panels reenforced by adding a second tube inside the bottom tube.

* Each panel is double hinged for unleveled ground, they will flex up and down and sideways at the same time yet the panel remains straight up and down.

* The left side sorting gate has been reengineered with a caster that rotates 180 degrees and is chained on top and bottom at the center of the pen

* The right side sorting gate has been reengineered with a caster that rotates 180 degrees.  The gate has a "GATE WITHIN A GATE" 10 feet long and is hinged at the center of the pen and has a caster that rotates 180 degrees to support the gate.